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You know Social Bookmarking is an online service that allows users to store, add, and share links across the Internet. Social bookmarking is the best off-page technique to get a good quality backlink.

You can increase traffic by bookmarking. Make sure that you don’t stop at posting your bookmarks on one site. Post on multiple sites to increase the inflow of traffic. Posting on our

Sponsored Bookmarking sites are free, so you don’t have to spend any money. Once these Bookmarking sites contribute to your blog traffic, view the analytics of your page and determine which of these sites contribute more than the others. You can tweak your bookmarking accordingly.

When you get the targeted customers/users, you automatically help your brand grow. Once the new users find your blog appealing, they will subscribe to it. Social Bookmarking sites often allow users to review the different sites. Depending on user preference, some posts are buried while some get more coverage